Weekday check-in between 7:30am-3pm, Saturday 9am-3pm, Check-out by 12pm on the day of
         pick-up or an additional Playdate (up to 5 hours) or Playtime (Full Day) is added
For Sunday pick-up & drop-off please make an appointment between 10am - 5pm.

       Sleepovers                           Daily Rate​                10 Pack/Discount
           Overnight                                    $50                              $460                               Additional Pup (per family)                $40                              $360
(9 mos & under)                       $64                              $600                            ​

Your pup chooses where they sleep

           Open Pack                       Playground Suite                    Luxury Suite 

Playtime is included in all Pup Sleepovers, we do not charge extra for your pup to play!

Private tile rooms with a glass front door, offering a quieter sleeping space with our plush beds or theirs

Dog Boarding in Westborough  - Dog Daycare in Westborough - DogTraining and Grooming in Westborough


Open pack pups sleep
along side others in our
lounge on couches or
beds on the floor

All new pups must participate in Playgroup Placement before playing or staying with us.

All about the Pup ~ Dog Daycare / Boarding | 25 Brigham St.  Westborough, MA 01581 | +1.508.726.1742

    (range rates are based on pup size and condition/length of hair)

            Manicure                                               $15
           Nail trim with grinding

          Clean Up                                            $35-$75
           A warm sudsy bath, blow dry, brush, manicure and ear cleaning

           Trim Up                                          $55-$100
           A Clean Up plus a face, sanitary and paw pad trim

          Full Groom                                       $65-$125

           A Clean Up, full coat trim, anal gland expression and de-shedding

          Individual Services
          Sanitary Trim                                          $20
          Ear Clean & Hair Removal                          $15
          Anal Gland Expression (added to Clean Up)       $15
          De-matting (to dogs comfort level)                     $15+

      Pup Treats

          Frozen Kong Treat (Peanut Butter or Pumpkin)        $4  
         Elk Antler Chews (prices vary by size)        $12 - $30

Dog Boarding in Westborough  - Dog Daycare in Westborough - DogTraining and Grooming in Westborough

Individual suites inside our indoor play yard with a raised cot, your pups blankets and toys

pet resort

All about the Pup


stay &

train with us

​​​​​​​7:30 am - 7:00 pm M-F / Saturday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm / Sunday - Boarding only

       Playtime                        Daily Rate​              10 Pack/Discount
        Full Day of Play                            $32                               $280                               Additional Pup (per family)               $24                               $200
        Puppy (9 mos & under)                       $42                               $380                            
        Half-Day (up to 5 hrs)                       $20                              $190
          Additional Pup (per family)                 $16                              $150         
        Puppy (9 mos & under)                       $30                              $280  
        Unlimited Playtime                                                           $460
        Additional Pup (per family)                                                  $330
        Puppy (9 mos & under)                                                         $600

          * Puppies have a designated play area separate from older dogs and require frequent outside potty
                breaks (house training), smaller group size (puppy manners training) and individual socializing care.   
Puppy rates apply for all puppies 9 months of age and less.

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